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Fabric 2

3D Air Mesh Fabric

Approx. Rs 70 / Meter

Air mesh Consists of two separate knitted substrates, which are joined together or kept apart by spacer yarns, the three-dimensional knitted fabric comes in various patterns and GSM.

Silent Features

  1. Age resistant
  2. Sterilization capabilities
  3. Surface resistance
  4. Wash resistance
  5. Temperature regulation
  6. Wash Lightweight
  7. Diverse surface design capabilities

Additional Information:

Spandex Fabric

Approx. Rs 270 / Meter

Spandex fabric - also known as elastane or Lycra - is a modern synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. The material is a long-chain synthetic polymeric fiber, consisting of a rubbery segment for stretch and recovery as well as a rigid segment for strength and durability.

Salient Features: 

  1.    Stain resistant
  2.    Wrinkle free
  3.    High elasticity
  4.    Durable

Bag Fabric

Bag Fabric
  • Bag Fabric
  • Bag Fabric
  • Bag Fabric

Approx. Rs 130 / Meter

Exclusive range of Bag Fabrics that we offer is manufactured using excellent quality yarn. These bag Fabrics are designed as per the requirements of bag and related products manufacturing industries. These are available in attractive patterns, colors, patterns and designs and are renowned for soft and smooth textile.

Parachute Fabric / Waterproof Fabric / Nylon Fabric

Approx. Rs 42 / Meter

Parachute Fabric is offered by us to customers in different lengths. This parachute fabric is woven in a specialized manner with extra thick threads and yarns to create a pattern of small squares. These products are extensively used in personnel parachutes, heavy cargo parachutes, ejection parachutes, brake parachutes and bomb illuminating. These are offered by us to patrons in different shades and prints. Our products are acknowledged for their good quality.

Other Details:

Anti Static Fabric

Approx. Rs 120 / Meter

These fabrics are helps to repel electricity, which make this fabrics best for work wear apparels. Antistatic fabric are widely used in thermal processes such as gas power ,plants ,glass making units. These fabrics are delicate and highly comfortable.

Drill Fabric

Drill Fabric
  • Drill Fabric
  • Drill Fabric
  • Drill Fabric

Approx. Rs 102 / Meter

Drill is stout durable cotton fabric with a strong bias (diagonal) in the weave. It can be used unbleached, although it is more often bleached or dyed. We put forth for our clients a wide range of Powerloom/Cotton Drills.

Light weight drill is used in clothing items such as shirts, safari jackets, blouses, and some types of sports clothing.The heavier weights were often used in corsets,and are commonly used in work clothing and uniforms.

The most common use of drill in uniforms and casual wear is in the form of khaki

Quilted Fabric

Approx. Rs 500 / Meter

Quilted fabrics come in many shapes and colors. Quilted material is an exciting and versatile addition to your couture projects, bringing an unexpected textural accent to any application. Pre-quilted fabrics allow you to add quilted accents to any garment.

Mood offers a variety of quilted fabrics that are perfect for riding vests, quilted jackets, capes, puffy trousers, sweatshirts, and costume making. While many materials are already insulated, the addition of the quilting adds a textural element that can’t be beat. Warm, insulated, and completely opaque, quilted materials come with various combinations of stuffing and backing. Quilt fabrics usually don’t require a lining, unless of course it’s for design purposes or personal preferences

Camouflage Fabric

Approx. Rs 40 / Meter

The camouflage fabric gives a unique effect to the personnel or equipment by making them appear as a part of the natural surroundings thus concealing them from enemies. The fabric conceals arms and ammunition by disguise or protective coloring.
Salient Features:
   Water-repellent   Coatings available   Anti-infrared   Anti-Static   Durable
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